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  • Trademarks (TM Filing, TESS, TARR, TTAB)
  • Publishing
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  • Anti-Piracy Research & Enforcement
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John Anello Jr is an experienced Business Development, Business-Legal Affairs, Marketing, and Licensing Professional with 21 years of business experience and a Juris Doctor with emphasis in Intellectual Property for Media. Experienced in business and legal affairs, business & product development, strategic development, market-share placement, marketing material creation for software and content, producing, and business/legal issues relating to successful marketing, sales, and licensing. 

John is originally from Newark NJ & Little Italy NYC, and lives/works bi-coastally in NYC and Southern California. He is a published author and an award-winning producer of many compact discs, television and film. John is also a professional musician with several of his own CD releases.

Most recently, John has launched a high-definition internet radio network, called the "City World Radio Network", with broadcast studios in NYC.


  • Disney
  • Sony
  • NEC
  • Karma City Films
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • Gallohead Productions
  • and more....

Services and Products

Entertainment, Media Business & Legal Affairs Management, Producer and Businessman

John Anello
John Anello with Telly Award 1996

John work bi-coastally in NYC and Hollywood + Internationally in the Entertainment, Media, Technology and Intellectual Property field.
He does the deals that make the movies, TV, film, radio, publishing, communications, software and entertainment-related business. Media and Entertainment analysis, mediation/arbitration/dispute resolution for media.

John is also active in the Legal/Trademark/IP field, and has managed several trademark/IP portfolios, IP Development, and Trademark Prosecution.

John works with Cexton Records to provide National Distribution to Chart-reporting Radio for new and experienced artists with new releases. Learn more about John's Discography Prodcution.

John also does Intellectual Property licensing - (See some of the properties he licenses on PAGE 2 of this site- link at bottom of page)

  • How to Contact John:
    • Phone: 917-570-6664
    • www.johnanello.com
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Accomplishments:
    • JURIS DOCTOR-Intellectual Property-Media/Entertainment
    • Founder and President of CEXTON RECORDS
    • "TELLY AWARD" Winner-music video production, 1996
    • Successful marketing and release of 39 CD releases with National Chart results, + several TV and film projects.
    • National licensing & marketing of anti-piracy watermarking software technology for entertainment intellectual property.
    • Special Recognition: NARAS Grammy Assoc. 1994
  • Publications
  • Member
    • NARAS
    • ASCAP
    • Wash D.C. Bar Assoc, New York City Bar Association, Nat'l Italian-American Bar Assoc.
    • Nat'l Italian-American Federation
    • CPTWG (Copyright Protection Standards Committee, D.C.)
    • Sons of Italy
    • GIAA (Guild of Italian-American Actors)

Check out John's new book "Historic Gun Patents" from Cexton Press